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How to Activate Plex on Your Smart TV

Once you have set up your home media streaming server and set up your Plex media server, the next thing to do is activate Plex on your smart TV.

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When using a Plex player on a client device like a Smart TV, smartphone, or PlayStation, you must connect your devices to your Plex account. 

Why Activate Plex on Your Smart TV

Connecting your smart TV to Plex allows its client apps to locate and share content hosted on a shared or owned Plex media streaming server. Many Plex apps, including those on your Xbox, Smart TV, and PlayStation, will only work when both the server and their client apps have signed in to your Plex account.

Also, player apps can securely connect to a Plex Media Server that is signed in to their account. You can also access your server when you are away from home, which you can only do if you are signed in and have enabled remote access for your home media streaming server.

Lastly, linking your app to your Plex account allows family and friends to access shared content outside your local network using remote access. 

Activate Plex on Your Smart TV
Linking your account allows you to share your content with friends and family.

Note: You do not need to enable Remote access if you will only be accessing it using your local network or do not need to share it with those outside this network.

How you connect your app and set everything up will depend on the devices you are using. Since we are looking at how to activate Plex on Your Smart TV, that is what we will focus on.

Installing Plex on Your Smart TV

To install Plex on your smart TV, you need to go to its app store, search for Plex and install it. Plex is available on most modern Smart TVs, including LG, Samsung, Hisense, VIZIO, and Roku TV. It is also available on the Google Play Store, so you can install it on Android TVs like you would on any Android smartphone using this option.

Look up how to open the Play Store on your TV, search for and find Plex, and install it.

About Signing in to a Plex Account Directly

A device that allows you to type will allow you to sign in using an email or username and your Plex password, Sign in with Apple, Facebook Login, or Google Login. However, smart TV client apps require that you sign in using a link and a 4-character code. The code makes it easier to activate Plex on your smart TV without struggling to enter your credentials. 

Note: If you own an Android TV and have signed in, you can sign in to Plex using Google login as shown below.

Sign in to google to Activate Plex on Your Smart TV

You will be required to choose an account, and you can choose whichever one you want to use to sign in to Plex. Just remember that you will need to sign in to other devices using this account to be able to connect them to your Plex account.

If you have not signed in, open the Plex software on your smart TV

Once you click sign in or sign up, the TV will display a four-digit code and the Visit this link on your mobile device or computer and ensure you are signed in to the same Plex account you want to use on your TV.

You will be presented with a textbox to enter a four-digit code and activate Plex on your smart TV. 

Enter the code to Activate Plex on Your Smart TV

Enter the code and click “Link”. Once you do, wait a few moments, depending on your internet connection, for the app on your TV to refresh. Once it does, you will have successfully activated Plex on your smart TV.

Success, You have Activated Plex on Your Smart TV!

You have successfully activated Plex on your Smart TV. If you have set up your server and have the TV on the same local network, you can go to “Your Media” or similar on the Plex app on your TV to start watching.

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